Monument Types & Designs

We at Kenworthy Monuments take pride in creating beautiful memorials which are as unique as your loved one. Uprights, slanted, benches, flat, and some custom markers in a variety of colors are available in stock and can normally be set or shipped within a few days. Custom designed shapes and sizes can also be created upon request.

Monuments can be created on virtually any material that will pass the time test. Granite, limestone, or brass are the most popular and enduring. Marble, sandstone and other softer materials can be engraved but do not hold up as well in the weather.

Upright Monuments

Upright monuments are the traditional type of marker found in most cemeteries. Uprights can be formed in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be engraved with virtually any image which properly eulogizes your loved one. Uprights can be wide and short, narrow and tall, rectangular with a curve at the top, or round shaped. We can create crosses, angels, and hearts. The beauty of the upright is that one is not as limited in their creation as with other markers which can be limited by plot size.

Custom Monuments

Kenworthy Monuments takes pride in creating beautiful memorials that are customized for you or your loved one.

Custom Monuments Custom Monuments

Bench Monuments

Bench monuments offer an inviting means of memorializing an event, place or a loved one. One can sit in relative comfort while reminiscing and appreciating. Benches are typically made of handcrafted stone or concrete, with recognition esthetically engraved on the side or bottom of the bench. Benches can be a wonderful addition in cemeteries where space allows and are appropriate at memorial sites, parks and areas of nature. Bench monuments are an excellent way to pay tribute to those who have made contributions to the community, to designate a loved one’s favorite place, or to honor military veterans.

Slanted Monuments

Slanted monuments are rectangular in shape, but tend to be lower in profile and slant at a 45 degree angle on the front side. Slants are an option for those who prefer a smaller but durable profiled monument.

Slanted Monuments

Flat Monuments

Flat monuments, or “grassers” as they are often called are markers installed level with the ground and viewed from above. Flats are often chosen because of their affordability but can be mandated by some cemeteries. Flats are normally limited in size but can include basic information such as names, dates, a special quote or even etched/ceramic portraits. Flats can be placed on a slight slant if requested and allowed.

Children's Monuments

Children memorials can be created on a upright, slanted, flat or custom shape monument.

Granite Colors

granite colors

Granite comes in every color imaginable and every monument is unique. However, because of economics and availability, most monuments are seen in various shades of gray, tan, red or black. Granite can be solid colored or with a marble pattern.