Signs & Trophies

In addition to grave markers, Kenworthy Monuments, also provides stone, wood & metal letter signs for businesses, homes, subdivisions, apartment complexes, parks, landmarks, etc.

Kenworthy Monuments has also developed the process for producing beautiful unique trophies from natural rhyolite stone.

Stone Signs

Stone signs can be created on virtually any material that will pass the time test. Granite or limestone are the most popular and enduring. Marble, sandstone and other softer materials can be engraved but do not hold up as well in the weather.

Wood Signs

Wood signs are laminated from high grade redwood or cedar, sandblasted or routed, then finished with stain, urethane, gold leaf, etc.

Metal Lettered Signage

Metal letters are cut and installed on stone, granite or other prepared surfaces.

Stone Trophies & Medallions

Kenworthy Monuments has perfected the process of producing beautiful and unique trophies and medallions from natural rhyolite obtained from a local Southern Utah quarry. Kenworthy’s have provided the finisher medallions and winner trophies for the St George Marathon since the mid 1980’s.