Sandblasting blasting

Kenworthy Monuments provides sand blasting services in our environmentally friendly enclosed sandblast booth at our home location or on site with our industrial sized portable equipment. No job is too small or too large whether it is an old rusty bicycle frame, an auto part or a large tilt wall industrial building.

Road Lines

road lines

We are experienced in removing road lines with our portable sandblasting equipment.

Metal Blasting

metal blasting

We blast virtually every type of metal, including, but not limited to bed frames, auto body parts, lawn furniture, trailers, and fabricated steel.

  • Sandblasted Table & Chair
  • Sandblasted Chair

Concrete Walls

concrete walls

Kenworthy Monuments is the most experienced company in Southern Utah in sandblasting tilt wall concrete structures. Heavy, medium or light sandblasting of the formed concrete wall can expose the underlying aggregate creating a unique granite-like surface. Many schools and commercial buildings in the Southern Utah area can be seen bearing the sandblasted names, logos and designs created by the professionals at Kenworthy’s.

Graffiti Removal

graffiti removal

Graffiti removal is another service provided by the professionals at Kenworthy Monuments.

Alternative Blasting

Soda and walnut shell blasting is also available at Kenworthy’s to clean special surfaces or unusually thin metals that might not be suitable for the normal sandblast process.